Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono influence

Business field

From NTT, Japan's largest mobile communications operators to Ireland's largest paper packaging group drastically, from IBM to Boeing, from general motors to Japan's largest dentsu advertising communication group, from shell oil company to Ericsson electronics industry, chemistry industry dupont to the insurance industry, from Switzerland, novartis to McKinsey, a consultancy, from citigroup, royal Dutch airlines in the United States, from the mining giants BHP billiton, Australia group to the world famous Italian men's wear brand, from heineken beer to American standard bathroom, have been or are using Dr DE bono thinking methods and tools.

DE bono thinking training courses into China in 2003, more and more large enterprises will be introduced and benefit, include: HP, MOTOROLA, Microsoft, akzo Nobel, bayer, novartis, abn amro, cnooc, minmetals group, haier, baidu, etc.

Education field

Children aged from 4 to President and Nobel laureate famous multinational company can benefit from Germany Dr DE bono thinking method. Since 1972,; CoRT ® education curriculum is used in different cultures, different age and ability of the crowd. Currently has more than 50 countries, tens of millions of students in the use of it, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Britain, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, venezuela, Russia and so on.

Public affairs

The us department of defense (the pentagon) invited Dr DE bono creative seminar opening for the first time, as entrusted by the Helsinki earlier, was not in the United States, he announced by telephone conference to start from Finland; Dr DE bono officer to the Los Angeles police department, as well as other colleges and research institutes have done seminars; U.S. law association conference held for the first time to resolve conflicts through education means, invite DE bono, the opening for the meeting; Ec law invited as a guest speaker, Dr DE bono session of the world economy more places, and Pacific area economic conference, international banking institutions, as well as other different meetings.

Dr DE bono, at the invitation of the government of Canada for Canada's department of international aid (CIDA) lectures; Under the jurisdiction of the cabinet of the California department of harmful material to invite DE bono do series of lectures and seminars, help them by means of testing, research and legislation to solve some problems; All kinds of public service commission (Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia) all invited DE bono as their senior management personnel to do the lecture, at the same time, including the world wildlife fund and the international union for the conservation of nature and so on. Dr DE bono as ambassador "2009 European innovation".