Edward de Bono

Copyright statement

Qualification of training

1. The teaching of DE bono thinking courses (including the "six thinking cap", "lateral thinking" and other series) instructor must be certified, only after she qualified as a chartered training courses.

2. DE bono thinking training, teacher qualification certificate has certain validity, expired lecturer teaching course. Instructor qualification of general mandate to 2 years.

3. The business enterprise inside the instructor may not courses to be taught to other units, unless DE bono institutions under the internal trainer in the company's assigned to train their clients.

Copyright statement

1. DE bono thinking training course of copyright are belongs to Edward DE bono, Dr And its intellectual property agency company.

2. The training of students, must use the original training materials.

3. DE Bono worldwide business training course materials are DE Bono Thinking Systems by the United States (DE Bono Thinking Systems).

4. DE bono Chinese textbooks are by Beijing DE bono management consulting co., LTD. On behalf of the United States DE bono thinking systems in China;

5. Training materials used only for training services use, not foreign sales.

Illegal to report

1. The company solemnly declare, in mainland China only DE bono (China) sales of the curriculum, six thinking cap without the company authorized any other teaching of the course are illegal.

2. If you find any illegal or teach a illegal sales DE bono, lessons, and related products, please contact our legal department. A call: 010-5826, 3902, E-mail:steven@debonochina.com, contact: Mr. Chen

3. Please note that as we keep illegal material, such as pictures, audio, video, or used for teaching materials, we will give a person a certain economic rewards.