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de Bono thinking systems around the world

de Bono Thinking Systems (namely the APTT, advanced practical Thinking training company) in the United States in 1991 capital, des moines, Iowa, is Edward de Bono, Dr Business management authority of the training course. In 2004 changed its name to de Bono Thinking Systems (dBTS) de Bono Thinking Systems.

Currently dBTS has 23 authorization and branches in the whole world and hundreds of certified trainer, was rated as one of the fastest growing 500 companies in the United States. So far the world's more than 100, ten thousand people participated in de Bono training course of training creative thinking. de Bono Global (de Bono Global) is Edward DE Bono all intellectual property agency, which was established in 2010 in Sydney, Australia, for all de Bono, commercial, education courses and books copyright and its derivatives in the promotion of intellectual property management.

de Bono institutions around the world

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Andreas Novak - Germany

Beijing de Bono - China

Business Results Group - South Africa

Council for New Thinking to Serbia

Creattivita SRL, Italy

de Bono Consulting - the United States

de Bono Group - the United States

de Bono Plus - Australia

DP & Associates - Spain

Edward de Bono Foundation - Ireland

Edward de Bono Training - Singapore

Holst Group - the UK

India IDEAS...

Indigo Business Services Ltd - the UK

Learning Masters International - Japan

MICA Learning - Canada

Mind the Master - Romania

The Performance Improvement Consultants - Greece

PSI Consulting - South Korea

QreaCom - the Netherlands

Trenova, SC to Mexico

Triviums - Latvia

Vira Management Consultancy - Turkey

de Bono Chinese institutions (Beijing de Bono management consulting co., LTD.) was founded in 2003, in Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen has offices. As the only designated supplier of mainland China, we are committed to provide professional training for the enterprise and the organization service. Company by Dr Edward de Bono thinking tool, on the basis of leadership of the organizational change, process optimization, decision making, independent innovation and problem solving for the enterprises and institutions, governments and individuals to provide special training and consulting services, is responsible for assistance in the area of the China de Bono series of innovative thinking, translation of books, publishing and distribution, and the expansion of children's thinking training course.