Edward de Bono

The father of innovative thinking, Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono, born in 1933 in Malta, successively in Malta st. Edward at imperial college, university of Malta, Christ's college at Oxford University, and received a doctor's degree in psychology and physiology. He also received at the university of Cambridge, m.d., Ph.D., university of Malta degree, at Oxford University, university of London, Cambridge university and Harvard University and management positions.

Children when Edward DE bono (DE bono likes to play with toy car at an early age, in the later research, often by car thinking method for teaching metaphor, such as the human brain compared to the car's engine, thinking is equivalent to driving technology, etc.)

Ancient Christian college in Oxford, is one of the largest college, Oxford University has 13 British prime minister graduated from the school, the school dining room for the film "harry potter" scenario

In the field of thinking, Edward DE bono has nearly 50 years of research experience, and has worked in over 50 countries teaching or training. More than 80 works and is translated into more than 40 languages, a world-class bestseller.

Out of its value for human understanding, Edward DE bono, create the world's largest, most systems thinking training courses, including colt, lateral thinking, six thinking cap, the power of perception, simplify, etc. Since 1967, he created the thinking tools and methods has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. DE bono thinking method, as a kind of "stimulate the organization members intellectual potential management tool of thinking", in the global widely in enterprises, government organizations and social groups of affirmation and promotion, such as IBM, dupont, nestle, Ericsson, xerox, McDonald's, Douglas, British airways, NTT, the court of the world economy, the lawyer guild, U.S. intelligence investigation committee, etc. DE bono thinking systems in the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia and so on more than 50 countries and regions of the medium has been widely used in school education, and become a required course. Because of its innovative design thinking tool is simple, practical, strong and made outstanding contributions to human thought education and acclaimed. For tens of thousands of people, the name of DE bono has become a symbol of "creativity" and "new thinking".

In 1967, Edward DE bono has published the first book the act of thinking;

In 1972, Edward DE bono has established the cognitive research organization, used as a charity for the development of school education of thinking;

In South Korea in 1989, was invited as a world conference on Nobel laureate President;

In 1992, due to the outstanding contribution for human, Edward DE bono became the first European cape prize winner;

In 1994, held in Boston international conference of thinking, thinking field pioneer award;

In 1995, Malta government awarded to Edward DE bono "medal of honour", this is the country's highest award, currently only awarded more than 20;

In 1996, set up the new thinking in Melbourne center "DE bono society", Andrew foundation donated $8.5 million for this; That same year, Dublin, Edward DE bono foundation to undertake the "education" school thinking meeting hosted by the European Union. In Europe to create association conducted a survey in Europe all the member, told Dr DE bono is one of the most famous person in the member of the association, and requests the international astronomical union to a planet named after him, at the request of the association, the international astronomical union official commission number DE73 planet named "Edward DE bono.

In 1989, Edward DE bono was invited as in South Korea, chairman of the world congress of the Nobel Prize winner

Edward DE bono's special contribution is historic reveals the creativity of this mysterious discipline, and let people realize the creativity in the self organization of information system is a necessary action. Published in 1969, the key work mechanism of the brain. Began, Edward DE bono has developed the concept of Lateral Thinking and tools, he proposed the "Lateral Thinking" (Lateral Thinking) this term, into the Oxford English dictionary and longman dictionary, become a part of the English language.

Very special is that his results from scholarly articles, becomes a practical "goods". Los Angeles Olympic Games using the level of the Edward DE bono thinking, set up a very successful, a profit of $236 million, a wash the long history of losses. The prudential company director, Eva, Barbara, Edward DE bono thinking training method, invented the method of "benefit", is regarded as the insurance industry the most important invention since 120.

Edward DE bono has unique features is, in his method of thinking training across different age and culture: from seven years of age, the world's largest company management personnel; From Europe, North America, Middle East, southeast Asia to Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, etc., can from Edward DE bono thinking training benefit.

Edward DE bono is a thorough cruise type educator! Almost every week, he is in different places in the world, and the heads of government leaders, educators and business talks. As to Moscow at the invitation of the academy of sciences; With Kuwait's education minister met; In the United States education committee speaking; From the research of 500 strong information manager talks; European institute of business administration was invited to France's 25th anniversary celebration speech; In Sydney, Australia for gifted children problem of the eighth world congress to do the opening speech, and so on.

Edward DE bono has come to China to participate in the activities of the:

In 1997, Edward DE bono, was invited to Beijing's first ecological meeting, he is one of the main speaker at the meeting. His role is to provide "new thinking".

In April 2002, Dr DE bono should the world economy BBS and entrepreneurs association invited all over the world, at the China business summit, and make the speech of "value design is everything". In the same year also for bocog officials conducted a training, received a warm welcome and highly evaluation. Held in Beijing international conference center "the importance of new thinking, new ideas", senior managers thinking seminars DE bono in vivid language and novel ways to attend domestic and foreign well-known enterprise managers explain the value of new thinking, is refreshing.

In November 2004, DE bono Chinese institutions established in the first year, Dr DE bono in Beijing held a BBS innovative thinking and business development, and in the national school of administration held a field one thousand large lectures "family education and training of thinking";

In September 2007, by the DE bono Chinese institutions jointly with the Australian red carpet company in Beijing and Shanghai held two "Edward DE bono, face to face with large lectures, for hundreds of Chinese and foreign enterprise executives conducted a wonderful creative thinking skills training, warmly welcomed;

In October 2011, by the DE bono Chinese institutions jointly with the harvard business review in Shanghai at the special large lectures with the master thinking, there are hundreds of executives and human resources management, head to attend;

In June 2012, the father of the euro, Robert mundell and "world cultural BBS in taihu lake" at the invitation of the organizing committee, Dr DE bono to held in nanchang of jiangxi province, China "cultural development of traditional Chinese medicine (nanchang) high level conference", made important speeches.

In September 2007, Shanghai "Up Close with Edward DE Bono"

Edward DE bono is to our way of thinking have an important influence in the history of one of the few people, he is a creative thinking in the field of direct teaching is a recognized international authority, is the world's most famous creative thinking training experts, for many businesses and individuals to create wealth, is regarded as the "father" of the world's innovation thinking.

DE bono to professor thinking ways to become rich, he bought four small islands, pictured above is one of the Tessera island in Venice lagoon