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Factory managers use "DE bono thinking tool" find out the creative potential of frontline staff

Case study: Emerson vortex compressor co., LTD., factory use "DE bono thinking tool" development staff innovation ability

The challenge: growth caused by communication barriers

Emerson's copeland factory set up in Missouri AVA, was once one of Emerson electric. When Emerson's factories were moved to Mexico, copeland bought the equipment, and hired former workers belong to the part of Emerson, the factory has been put into operation. These employees were hired to keep their job, very hard, with the passage of time, due to their excellent performance, the factory expanded four times. Factory will inevitably must carry on the restructuring of the factory, with the rapid development of the local factory is renamed as vortex compressor co., LTD. The rapid development of the business is good, but it also brings new challenges. The rapid development of the factory made many workers are willing to participate in the management of the factory. Factory managers regard employees as a great resource, think they are honest, clever and hardworking, but there is no to first-line managers and employees also want to be the will of the managers more response.

The solution: use a new method of communication and problem solving to stimulate the effective communication between managers and employees

In manufacturing plants, employees usually requires managers to make specific promises or arrangement. General meeting need to let the employees leave the workshop, suspended production. And listen to the hundreds of workers about their experiences and ideas, this also requires a lot of time management. But the vortex compressor co., LTD manager Michael redfern think, if you work hard there will be a harvest, and you can find out the practical advice to solve the problem and more valuable information.

Factory by consulting, training manager of DE bono related courses and learning, in their internal management team design a set of raising the ability of employees involved in plant construction "five-step solution".

1, learning DE bono thinking course about communication and problem solving tools and practice experiment;

2, training senior managers;

3, create "influence team" to solve a specific task or problem;

4, and gradually extended to all employees;

5, measurement and results announced.

Factory long-term goal is to make the copeland continue to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. The first short-term goal is in a new solution to the problem of waste production automation field.

Value: good results DE bono thinking tools are widely used

Use of DE bono thinking tools include supervisors, engineers, and front-line workers. The improvement of communication generated a lot of positive positive energy. "Influence team" through understanding the idea of you made a 20% reduction in waste solution, which can save costs $48000 a year. Saw this success, the factory all of the managers, all in accordance with the "five steps" training, DE bono thinking tool, of course, nature is the key of the training link.

Then the emergence of a "team" influence the success of the case: save electricity. A team of researchers conducted an experiment at the weekend, they want to cooling pump doesn't need to work on the weekend but still in motion, to ensure that the coolant flow to the machine, the reason to do this is to prevent the coolant stationary after bacterial growth, it will produce a very unpleasant smell. But if let the machine has been running at the weekend can cause waste greatly. They have learned by using DE bono thinking tool, came up with a method for intermittent cycle of coolant, namely every three to four hours to run five to ten minutes. The novel ideas help factory to save $130000 a year. In this competition, the employees of all kinds of innovative solutions for the factory a total saving of $400000. When we write this article, all influence the factory team is thinking about how to save through research and development plan to plant more green environmental protection.

Future: employees are rooted in the Midwest town together to create full of vigor and vitality of modern factories

Factory employees in the use of the DE bono thinking tool, no matter what problem, can immediately produce many ideas, and ideas for processing, so as to solve the problem. DE bono thinking tools has been applied to the innovation of enterprise quality process management technology, greatly improving the industrial capacity. At the same time, the "six thinking cap" also has been applied to the performance evaluation for plant hourly workers.

The head of the company concluded: "the future, I want to see is Emerson and its partners in the other factories and branches also USES DE bono thinking tool. This will make our great success in AVA factory extended to a larger range."

Background: Emerson environment optimization techniques

Copeland by Michigan inventors forced Edmund copeland set up in 1921, Edmund copeland successfully developed the world's first mechanical refrigeration system. In the 1930 s, the company has been selling twice, until the fourth managers took office, the company began to grow. By the mid - 1980 - s, copeland become a subsidiary of Emerson electric company in st. Louis. Through a new brand marketing, copeland become part of the Emerson environmental technology research and development system.

Today, copeland has more than 6000 employees, constantly to provide new technology in the world. The research object, in this case is AVA factory founded in 1997, is located in Missouri. AVA factory more than half of the output was shipped to Emerson assembly base is located in the overseas.

Copeland has been firmly believe that the staff's own development has important role in the success of the company, in their entire staff training plan, communication and team cooperation ability is regarded as the important component.