classic case

An ice cream company use "random input" tool solves the problem of distribution outlets ice cream

A famous cold drinks company specializing in the production of high quality ice cream products in its distribution chain encountered problems. Adipose content is higher because the production of ice cream, so it is very important to maintain proper storage temperature. Otherwise, cream and fat will be separated, it will spoil the taste of ice cream.

Ice cream from the production workshop to the process of retail stores, will transfer many times, logistics company requires strict monitoring, and carefully controlling every link in the storage temperature. In most places, the distribution process to ensure quality and taste of ice cream. However, in New York City, the traffic is very crowded, this makes the truck cannot smoothly to carry goods to convenience stores, unloading efficiency is greatly reduced, therefore, when the goods arrived, is usually melted ice cream.

In order to deal with this thorny problem, ice cream company executives invited trucking company supervisor to discuss how to better ice cream distribution problem of dealing with the New York metropolitan area. Company also invited lecturer debono certification Susan to lead the meeting.

Susan hope companies can come up with a new concept, from this new concept, find out the solution to eliminate distribution. She divided the participants into two groups, and gives them a random input words: hobby. She told delegates, you must first think about what's your hobby, and accordingly to think "how my hobby can help to solve the distribution problem?"

After a few minutes of discussion, one of the team members are very excited to share an idea. He said, "my favorite hobby is boating, so we can start to ship for thinking. If the ship is too big, not near the narrow port, then people will leave the ship, the ship carrying boat down water, by boat to the shore." Other team members at the beginning and failed to see what solutions from this simple scene, but also been carefully listening to him. "So why can't we put the goods transport by trucks to the suburbs of a city like New York City, and then use smaller vehicles instead of a big truck, so the car can very flexible to the ice cream to the crowded area serious?" Then all the people laughed. But since they laughed at. All said, "why not?"

Then the participants according to the idea of "ship" held a more fully meeting the green hat. During the meeting, some people put forward can be installed on like golf car or bike freezers, configuration to the truck, it's like the above mentioned loads the scene of the boat ship. At the end of a day's meeting, the company's executives also discussed some other feasible solutions and attractive new ideas. Just a few months later, Susan will know, they have perfect and implement the idea of the last meeting, has achieved good effect.