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Lateral thinking case | how to encourage employees to innovation

Under the background of rapid development in today's world, any social organization must be continuous innovation to the survival and development. In order to break the inertia, the effective drive innovation and change, organizations need to cultivate original thinking, mobilize every employee to launch their creativity. Scientific studies have shown that everyone is creative, if an organization with the help of some tools and training to guide each staff working together to contribute their creative Suggestions and ideas, will have a great help to the development of organization.

Case background: France's second-biggest predominantly in retailing business group founded in 1961 in northern France in lille, there is already a world 500 strong enterprise, business all over the world in 15 countries and regions, more than 300000 employees now. Modern people all know that with the advent of the era of the Internet, however, the traditional retail industry development and survival is self-evident, in order to break through the current difficulties, continue to promote organization development power, how to encourage employees to innovation becomes a problem to be solved. So how to innovate? What is the innovation of method? How to arise through innovative ways diversity and feasibility of action? And friends to attend training by using lateral thinking tool "concept extraction" had a positive attempt.

Level of thinking tools: thinking of the TM "concept extraction"

Focus: how to encourage employees to innovation

In order to achieve this goal, encourage employees to more innovation students first thought of the "carry out a course of innovation," as the starting idea, so refined out of such a concept of "learning". So we still have those methods is to encourage employees by learning the purpose of more innovative?

Through brainstorming, encourage the staff innovation under the new idea:

1, in different period, the superior employees on direct communication, teaching experience and methods, to help stimulate innovation ability

2, the company sent to go abroad for further study, through study abroad more novel idea inspired ideas

3, learning through the network platform, and cultivate more innovative ideas and thoughts

4, internal communication, mutual learning between employees, promoting different ideas and innovations

5, to attend different training courses, learning methods and tools of innovation, improve the creativity

...... .

Effect, and the evaluation of the students:

1, out of the limitations of thinking, is a tool for innovation of students break through the inherent thinking and ideas, make the idea more diverse and feasible.

2, the use of concept extraction, make our thinking more, produce more innovation idea.

3, the idea of innovation is didn't think of before, after the completion of some through can implement, and the results are more obvious.

Everyone thought, through the idea of "to carry out a course of innovation" can seek to other ways to encourage employees to innovate. Don't hurry to thumb up, I will tell you a secret for free, in fact, "learning" of the concept of each idea again, also can extract other concepts to produce more ideas. So when you encounter problems still sorrow can't think of a way

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Innovation is not a genius, but a kind of can learn skills. It gives people's creativity and innovation, at the same time, help to improve productivity and efficiency!