classic case

With the increasingly fierce market competition, the face of the industry product homogeneity serious phenomenon, many companies in product cost control, improved quality, timely delivery and other aspects of the potential almost to the limit. As a result, more and more enterprises to "improve customer satisfaction" as a business purpose and focus of competition. "Another perspective", based on customer demand, adequate recognition and satisfaction, thus enhancing customer loyalty, market lay a good foundation for long-term stable development of enterprises.

Case Background:
A coating system is a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings for vehicle manufacturers and auto repair, transportation, general industry as well as specific construction and decoration industry to provide the necessary products. In the hundred years of development, we have been committed to research and development of new products and technologies, seek through innovative products and solutions that support green innovation and sustainable development of related industries. At present, due to the establishment of the new office of the mutual cooperation between the various departments of a challenge, even though the industry has a wealth of successful experience and can not play the greatest advantage, execution and speed of response can not meet the market demand, resulting in customer satisfaction not tall. Six Thinking Hats tool to use to solve the problem of establishing the focus and thinking sequence, reducing discontent through parallel thinking, find the root causes of problems and solutions, and thus enhance customer satisfaction.

Focus: How to improve customer satisfaction
Thinking Tools: Six Thinking Hats

Whitecaps (known information):
• The complaint rate is currently 20 client brands in 30%;
• 200 dealers complained that the number was 40%;
• poor product quality stability;
• Prices of some products about 5% higher than the opponent;
• competitors, the reaction rate;

Black Hat (risks and difficulties):
• There is the risk of the customer to change suppliers;
• dealers are not enthusiastic;
• Market share reduction;

Green Hat (solution):
• Technical departments to improve product quality and performance;
• sales staff actively communicate with customers, we recommend the most suitable products;
• more business support to dealers;
• regular customer visits, listen to customer feedback;
• increasing the reaction rate, streamline business processes;
• appropriate arrangements for on-site support of foreign experts;
• arrangements for staff training to improve the professional skills and sense of service;

Yellow Hat (Value):
• improve product quality, increase the share can reduce the loss of market;
• Business policy can improve the network;
• optimize process cost savings;
• win customers word of mouth;

Red Hat (Intuition):
• Technical departments to improve product quality, performance;
• more business support to dealers;
• increasing the reaction rate, streamline business processes;
• arrangements for staff training to improve the professional skills and sense of service;

Blue Hat (NAP):
• Execution Time: 1 week to submit each department improvement program;
• Technical Director of product improvement program submitted within one month;
• Market 1 week to submit marketing improvement program;
• Logistics Logistics 1 week improvement plan;
• Administration Department to do the training plan based on the situation at this stage;

Effectiveness and student assessment:
The new office was established shortly after the market, cross-sectoral cooperation has many challenges, and the customer and the dealer only concerned about the practicality of products, so we will involve a lot of internal stakeholders to solve a problem using Six Hats Thinking can make the problem clear, comprehensive and simultaneous "parallel thinking" does not hurt the relationship between colleagues at issue, so that we can face together and solve problems objectively.