classic case

Currently, many business management tends to flat, so that cross-communication between departments more frequently. However, due to the lack of effective communication execution result of the vast majority of poor troubled business problems. A lot of things is not complicated, but poor communication between each other. In the end in different sectors, each with different positions and interests of the case, how can we better achieve effective communication it? We take a look at the following cases.

Case Background:
A leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, is committed to research pharmaceutical products, development, production and sales, covering cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, oncology, diabetes, central nervous system, internal diseases and vaccines seven areas, headquartered in Paris, France in the world, has five Division, more than 110,000 employees in more than 100 countries entered China as the first multinational pharmaceutical company in China at present there are only ten thousand people. One can imagine that such a large organization requires a lot of work to complete the cross-sectoral collaboration, communication efficiency is particularly important. The Six Hats training session hopes to resolve the current confusion, how to improve the efficiency of inter-departmental communication problem.

Focus: How to improve the efficiency of inter-departmental communication
Thinking Tools: Six Thinking Hats session
The focus for the first team listed in the following seven steps sequence hat, and then discuss collective thinking.

First, the white hat (collecting information):
1. involving many departments, each in different areas of concern
2. The lack of communication when the owner
3. involvement and concern hotspot difficult coordination
4. Other departments need to work on our department
5. Experience in other sectors
6. The results of the various departments in the field of professional expertise
Second, the green cap (solution):
1. Establish a common contact - establish an information database - information products division, department of architecture
2. Inter-sectoral communication platform will - Information sharing - sharing expertise on a regular basis, the establishment of a network sharing platform
3. Each liaison emotional communication between people
Third, Red Hat (voted for):
1. Establish Information
2. professional content sharing
3. Organize sports, team building
Fourth, the yellow cap (where the value):
1. Be able to quickly find the relevant person in charge, and maintain regular communication
2. to facilitate timely access to the latest information
3. Empathy other sectors demand
4. Increase the trust and cooperation of mutual understanding
Five Black Hat (possible problems):
1. inter-departmental working hard time coordinating
2. The increase in costs associated with
3. contribute to professional constraints make it difficult to break through
Six green cap (solution):
1. Participation seek support boss
2. Increase the frequency of professional communication
3. In the Network sharing platform is open, you can learn at any time
Seven, blue cap (NAP):
In support of the relevant departments of the leadership, to establish contacts for each team, the implementation of a regular professional content sharing, organizing team-building activities, at any time feedback

Effectiveness and student assessment:
Six Thinking Hats is a systematic way of thinking, able to work efficiently solve problems in life. Effectively saving meeting time. I hope to be able to apply the Six Hats more flexible in working life.