classic case

Six thinking hats case | Boeing six thinking cap is used to eliminate the gap between the unions and management


, create job opportunities for inductrial injury had just finished take leave of employees

• to ensure that all the decisions and changes of the trade unions to support the company


, the use of six thinking cap development early retirement incentive mechanism

• use of the synergy of six thinking cap, please issue a memorandum of understanding union

The results of

• 258 employees enjoy the incentive mechanism

• the union accepted the memorandum of understanding

Boeing six cap is used to eliminate the gap between unions and management, comprehensive analysis of the problems and challenges, the conclusion is obtained at the same time.

Boeing is the world's largest commercial aircraft manufacturers. In fact, Boeing produces 85% of the world's commercial aircraft. Therefore, when the Boeing 1990 s Toronto company is faced with the problem of personnel, company requires efficient, fast processing as much as possible. The problem is about the staff inductrial injury to be false after work. Due to the physical conditions, in order to avoid overworked, the workload of these people can't be too big. For instance, some people only for a certain weight of items, some people can't stand for a long time.

The problem is light work of examination and approval should pass the unions. The contract, only certain qualified employees can enjoy this kind of work, but most people return to work doesn't meet the requirements.

Boeing company employees are laid off in Toronto at the same time, the pressure is more and more big. Because the company has the union, the company layoffs is mainly aimed at young employees and protect older workers. Therefore, because of its high average age, the demand of light work also is larger. However, according to inductrial injury false return to work after the staff jobs demand more.

So find a joint improvement work committee to help solve the problem. The committee is made up of unions and management personnel. They have a total of 24 possible solutions. Although this is a start, but they don't know how to proceed. Whether to accept some advice to see is the union and management were put forward. To decide which advice, implementation need to eliminate barriers to achieve a win-win solution.

Aware of this need, Boeing Toronto Steve Fisher, President of the joint committee are encouraged to use six thinking cap. So find a training manager Dianne White for a meeting of six thinking cap, the comprehensive analysis on the good advice. But not a few Suggestions to analysis, it is 24. Dianne decided to 24 Suggestions according to certain order, behold a few the most universal. She let everyone consider every suggestion with a red hat, and choose the most closely watched four Suggestions, to analysis and evaluation with six thinking cap.

The tension eased between unions and management. Everyone is the equal opportunity to comment. View not aggressive, do not need to defend, because everyone knows that decision, everyone have a say.

A clause in the comprehensive discussion of recommendations is to provide incentives to retire ahead of schedule. If older employees to retire early can get economic compensation, light work opportunity is undisputed air out. With six thinking cap after analysis this advice, the committee decided to implement. They call it the "voluntary exit plan", after the reaction is very strong. 258 employees with this plan.

However, due to the implementation of the new plan light jobs opened up, the committee know employees still do not have you return to work to enjoy light work conditions. As a result, the committee made a bold decision, request the union of the memorandum of understanding, cancel the qualification restrictions, jobs for the people who need it the most.

Committee to reach a memorandum of understanding is a major breakthrough, because changes in the qualification is usually to determine after formal talks. This is the significant adjustment to the method of traditional humane way. This is the result of combined six thinking cap. Everyone put personal point of view, in the same a positive goal.