classic case

The British government in de Bono thinking training courses to help unemployed youths


To reduce the unemployment rate


The "six thinking cap" and "power" of perception training courses as part of the government "to the door of the employment" plan

The results of

Students find jobs, the unemployment rate decreased obviously

In the 1990 s, Britain has more than 300 unemployed. To solve this problem, the government implemented a "door" to the employment plan, out of work for 18 to 24 years old young provide education and training.

As part of the "door" to the employment, invited the chief lecturer Stuart Scott DE bono training for two weeks. This training course is based on the six thinking cap and perception of thinking tools of power, a total of three times meeting, each meeting for two hours. This training course name for "smart thinking rather than to think hard about".

Stuart guide students in six training creative thinking cap. Also involves direct attention thinking four closely related to six cap tools. CAF tool, for example, and list the information of white hat. O.P.V and C&S tools and yellow hat and black hat, and so on.

Use the green hat, students to 40 kinds of unconventional, innovative ways of getting a job, and use simple way of thinking about only eight kinds of methods. These methods include to have a hope to establish the unit directly on the phone or change color or size.

Stuart think concentrate class method is to enrich their own lesson plans, through a large number of examples and wit, humor, to be formulated. Many students can't read nor write, low self-esteem.

Listened to Stuart about these tools in personal life or career how to help him and others, the students realized now learn to think in different ways and hope. Whatever educational background and level, they should adopt different ways of thinking. Only by letter way of thinking, they can strive for to want to work.

Everyone in class, in the process of the what is the biggest obstacle in the process of looking for a job. To input, then use different tools to solve problems. Course after the end of each person was given a bag of six thinking cap and directs attention to thinking plastic card. Card to put forward some suggests that at any time.

This course also raises a lot of successful cases. After Paul dropped out of school, 16, there is no stable job. He said his ideal job is to work in a studio or a recording studio. She started in newspapers and magazines to find relevant information, but most of all need work experience.

The students give Paul suggested that no traditional way of thinking, he should be taken straight to the studio to tell them to do anything. Sure enough, he got a job. The only problem is that the work is unpaid. He can get food and travel costs and the free university tuition fees, in addition, no pay.

Soon, and let him have a factory to work. This position has a rich reward. Paul is very happy now have two jobs, but he doesn't know which one to choose. In fact, Paul tend to factory work. But after learning this course, he knew before making a decision with the yellow hat and black hat is analyzed.

After the analysis with six hats, he decided to accept studio work, look for other jobs to earn some money. Then he lists the green hat a way to make money in his spare time. He began to use the weekend time to buy and sell auto parts, to earn a steady income.

Peter is students to participate in this course. He is a skilled carpenter, already for a long time did not work. In class, he said he would like to apply for the position of the newspaper a special job, but the company is far away from his home, he can't drive. Classmates advised him no matter how to apply for, if we can get the job, he was able to carpool with other people. Peter to apply for and get the job, but he learned that the company no one live close with him.

Peter didn't give up, but with the new thinking method to design a new alternative. To call the company next door he explained his case to the personnel department. They can give Peter a few live near his list of employees. Peter to find a person willing to carpool with him and took the job.

Just six hours of thinking training completely changed the way the minds of students, make them a successful job search. "Clever thinking rather than to think hard about" course is very successful, is now widely used a large number of people, regardless of age, as long as they are unemployed six months or longer. Due to the door of the employment and other aspects of efforts, the British unemployment reduced from 3 million to 1 million, to reach the lowest level in 25 years.