classic case

The Iowa make natural resources development quick reference guide


, reduce the operator's questions and phone calls to natural resources

, decide whether to replace the existing task personnel's name


, use the green hat thinking put forward a quick reference guide for the operator, is they help customers more effectively

Staff development to a task, a six thinking cap worksheet, read before the meeting

The results of

Reduce the amount, the customer's phone

• mission personnel directly to vote after the meeting

The Iowa make natural resources use six thinking cap developed a quick reference guide to the vendor to reduce the customer calls. This tool is used to solve the conflict between multiple assignments of natural resources personnel arrangement.

Iowa department of natural resources is responsible for the maintenance of national parks and national forests, energy and water resources protection and management of the fish and wildlife, protect the environment. Department of natural resources every year received 7700 calls consultation about the permission of natural resources, legal, and service issues. In early 2003, is the operator aware of a lot of phone from those who have been to professional entertainment stores, such as fishing, hunting and/or equipment dealers, such as K - Wart, wal-mart customers, either directly call or visit directly, because the shop assistant can't answer their questions or cannot meet their demands.

For example, a customer to the dock to ask about the hunting training certificate not about fishing license, dock workers will tell him to find natural resources. Workers ignored they have an obligation to handle the affairs related to the natural resources, including the local hunting license issuing, only need them to the computer on which a few number is ok.

To realize this problem, department of natural resources certificates division wrote letters to the 3000 operator to stop they will arrange to their customers, to meet the needs of the customers. Later, however, meeting someone put forward the correct letter is not a valid solution. Certificates division researchers think if they just because they lack the knowledge to customers off, they share the responsibility of the operator and errors.

Certificates division chief lecturer please received Barbara Stenne six thinking cap training Sally Jagnandan help them for a meeting of the green hat. At some good Suggestions, including to make dealers nationwide training, invest in a CD training plan, or develop a dealer education handbook. They think that the most practical method is dealer manual.

They continue to use the green hat thinking design manual. People actually take the time or have time to read the manual from the beginning to the end? Division staff believe that employees can use a simple, convenient, quick reference manual, so, if someone to handle certificate of hunting a advice how to deal with disability, he can refer to the guidelines and tell each other about the concrete steps. The way to make people more easily than send dealers correct letter. Manual after issuing, natural resources, the operator reported received phone significantly reduce the amount of a day.

Department of natural resources to use six thinking cap did not stop. In September the same year, the department of natural resources has decided to restore a variety of task group, 17 departments of natural resources in each department have a volunteer representatives, the group composed of a variety of tasks. Due to the interval for two years without work, need to set goals. Task group is responsible for the company's diversity first job, but they also engaged in the quality of work, such as education and communication. Because the task more, so it is suggested that the task group changed its name to "quality and diversified group company".

Opinion is put forward, everyone thought it won't cause confusion. Task group into two parts, keep formerly and change name rather than in a simple way of vote to decide whether to change its name. The meeting because there is no result recess in September.

Fortunately, the task group Jerah Gallinger training six thinking cap. He decided to give every member of the task group six thinking cap worksheet send an email to the worksheet with the yellow hat and black hat thinking analysis its problems, the green hat given replacement. Jerah created a spreadsheet with a yellow hat and black hat evaluation an anonymous way to task group everyone. So they will have the opportunity in the absence of any interference to make their own evaluation.

The next meeting when everyone is ready to the vote. Suggestions about the reading before the meeting, so the voting process is very simple. The name of the task group unanimously decided to retain the original. Glad to each member, to solve the problem through dialogue.