classic case

de Bono thinking change the history of the Olympic Games

That year, American businessman Peter ueberroth due to personal host the Olympics, became an overnight sensation. What is more remarkable, he USES a new concept in business means every rewritten the international city overwhelmed to stage the games in history, not only makes when the Olympic Games to profit, and profit heavily!!!!

People are very interested in: what is profitable ueberroth? Relish the general public is the sale of television rights. Actually, ueberroth has a package of business plan: the theory of "throttling", he didn't like previous Olympic Games spent a large number of new sports venues, but as far as possible use of the existing sports venues in Los Angeles; He also did not provide athletes from all over the world of luxury, the village took advantage of the city's only 3 university students' dormitory; Must create a new swimming pool, ueberroth is to allow in the advertising business and for the site condition, to persuade the local "McDonald's" $4 million; Must create a new bike, and he will be in the same conditions the "task" to the local "7-11" convenience stores.

The "open source", led him. He deliberately chose 30 games "sponsored" manufacturers to spend $117 million m; He found 50 suppliers, from the grocery store to waste treatment company provides business services for the Olympic Games, from soup to nuts, but suppliers each must contribute at least $4 million; He let the big three U.S. TV networks for each of the exclusive rights of the Olympic Games, taking "only offer a" bidding method of "hung", ABC spent $275 million to win rights; When kodak company think the Olympics is supposed to buy the photographic equipment and put blame on sponsorship of $4 million is too expensive, ueberroth decisively to the power sold to Japan Fuji company; He also is unique to design the right to sell the torch relay, the 15000 km, $3000 per kilometer. For many powerful people in the United States, why not leave permanent memory for 1 km to run on this? Another, he is the sign of the Olympic Games "the eagle" also widely sold of as a trademark. It is these new measures, makes profit was $236 million Los Angeles Olympic Games! From then on, also actively bidding for the Olympic Games more and more countries and cities, television rights, TOP sponsorship plan, the torch relay and other innovative methods are ratified.

Ueberroth how can come up with such ideas? It turns out that another character influenced him. This is today known as the change of the founders of the human way of thinking, the world recognized as the "father" of innovative thinking, Edward DE bono, Dr.

A speech communication, DE bono found nearby there is always a person in politely take care of him, for what to do, finally he could not help asking the man, the man told his name is ueberroth, is business mastermind of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Then ueberroth said such a words: "my success, because in 1975 you 90 minutes at a time." His virtue DE bono volunteers "lateral thinking" out of creativity, it is this 90 - minute speech let ueberroth broke the "bottleneck" of thinking of the operation of the Olympic Games leaves in the world!