classic case

ABB in six thinking hats make decisions


Simplify the process

Improved internal communication

To satisfy the market demand, to ensure the market share


Discuss major decisions, the six thinking cap meeting form

Internal communication also USES six thinking cap model

According to the needs and problems, the six thinking cap in the company introduction

The results of

Decision time reduced by 60%

Use the same language, internal communication become standardized

Within two years the Syrian market profits from 0 up to $60 million

ABB companies use six thinking cap found a shortcut to the decision making process, designed a communication tool, has entered a closed market.

ABB is the world's energy and automation technology leader, public welfare undertakings and industrial enterprise to use the company's technology, equipment performance is improved, can dramatically reduce the impact on the environment. ABB group has branches in more than 100 countries around the world, 113000 employees.

In 1996, DE bono certification lecturers Dina Faidi met in DE bono company ABB a regional manager. The manager is mainly responsible for overseas Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine market. He told Dina he want to improve the performance of the region, especially in internal meetings, communication and market evaluation. He asked Dina ABB can teach these countries managers how to use the 6 thinking cap, he believes that there will be greatly improve such business way.

Dina of ABB these managers training six thinking cap. After the training, they began to use six thinking cap in the daily meeting. They told Dina decision time was reduced by 60%.

The area manager has also developed a communication tool used six thinking cap, with a different color is hat of a template. The four countries of the manager when doing the report, Suggestions or comments are using this model. And the company all the management reports using this template. In other words, the internal communication are saturated with six thinking cap, makes the information transmission between departments is more simple.

Through constant practice, using the regional manager management problems through six hat thinking. This problem is related to the market and Syria. The Syrian market has great potential, but also very competitive. The regional manager for each participants with the green hat thinking in a new, different ways of tackling the challenge. Thinking in the process, they realized that they ignore the past eight years by internal personnel point of view, ideas, but the adoption of business ideas, without any results. Using six hat thinking to find the solution and local administrative permission, ABB company can enter the Syrian market. As a result, over the past eight years, the Syrian market zero profits in a short span of two years up to 60 million dollars.