classic case

3M use six thinking hats for new markets to develop new products


• development of new type filter required by the market

• develop new tape


Using the red hat to find priority should do

• use six cap thinking cap to develop new products

The results of

• taken out a patent on filtration unit

• women special tape on the market

If you've ever used a Post - It Note or pausing the tape, you gain from the 3 m company staff innovation and hard work, 3 m is a diversified technology company, worth $18 billion. No matter in the field of health care, office, or transportation, 3 m company is a technology leader. It is one of the 30 stocks in the dow Jones industrial average.

Filter division of 3 m company mainly produces cars, planes and buses filter. When the filter unit find business opportunities in the market, they decided to set up is a kind of marketable products. A team of product development and marketing personnel together a day's meeting, hope to select the best solution. After team put forward ten kinds of ideas, but don't know how to proceed.

Kim Johnson, 3 m company research and development department manager, once learned, chief lecturer Barbara Stenne six thinking cap course. Kim recalled the advantages of the hat, think a red thinking cap meeting are beneficial to found the team dynamic. Everyone in the red hat to 10 kinds of thoughts to make evaluation, with the most common method of simplifying the priority to do. So choose the best solution, and patented filtering products.

Then let Kim to the company to help, this is promotion department in construction and family. The department is mainly responsible for products, such as a wide range of duct tape. Have done a market survey, let people describe duct tape different USES, echo is very strong. People all over the world describes how to use in their daily lives they duct tape, from the duct tape do wallet to fixed the door, you name it. Followed by a duct tape enthusiasts a ceremony, the department is realized on the basis of the original concept using the latest, innovative mode can broaden the market share of products. Kim and concept design experts held three half a day for six thinking cap meeting this challenge.

First meeting focused on using the green hat, everyone is given a new type of duct tape. The second meeting, discuss, wearing a yellow hat and black hat analysis for each view. The third session with the red hat decide which solution is the best solution. End of the third, study the reflect the spreadsheet of customer demand, the department decided to a new product: women with duct tape. The duct tape is not typical silver but a feminine color, such as pink or purple. Part of the product on the market should be attributed to the six thinking cap.