Lateral Thinking - Breaking through Innovative Thinking

Wang Qiong: De Bono China's chief lecturer
Homogenization of the times, how to invent new ways to lead a corner in a field? "Innovation" and "create" more than ever appear important.
Often, we believe that an organization's innovation should have the soil and the environment for "innovation", and the leader with innovative spirit.
In many cases, people are aware of innovation is this: whether in business management, or in everyday life, we always want to find new ways to deal with new problems and new challenges. In the original problem-solving routine is no longer effective when we think of whether there are other ways to solve the problem. This innovation can be called "passive innovation."
Why can not we achieve "initiative innovation"?

Thinking tools, so that innovation is immediate
We can not wait for inspiration.
We can learn and apply creative methods and normative tools to guide the thinking direction, our attention to the creative thinking up. Using existing knowledge and experience to generate creative solutions to the core of the problem is much better than sitting at the right time.
And to do this is not difficult. First, let's look at an example:
A beverage company's design team rack their brains to think "how to improve product packaging?", Has been unable to find a good solution. Later, under the guidance of a thinking trainer, we carried out a level of thinking, in a very short period of time following a variety of options. The mind trainer, holding a card like a poker hand, called one member of the team at random, and the result was a "candle" card. Subsequently, thinking trainer let everyone around the "candle" free association. It took only three minutes to list a series of features: Romance, Cylindrical Shape, Fever, Multiple Colors, and more.

Then, the trainer instructs us to combine the "candle" characteristics that we think above with the subject of "how to improve the product packaging of the beverage" and "candles" to help generate ideas. Soon, less than 5 minutes, we have a lot of creativity, such as: "romantic", let everyone think of "the development of a couple packaging, double, double tube to absorb the drink," and then from the " From the "fever", think of "the development of new products bring sandwich, winter has a self-heating sandwich to the product heating, the summer there is a" hot "," the package "; from the" cylindrical shape "; From the temperature of the sandwich to cool the product, in order to increase the product taste "; by the" multi-color ", think of" with the storage temperature change color, shelf life gradually shorter column to remind businesses and consumers pay attention to products Shelf life ". This is the "horizontal thinking" tool to stimulate the immediate effect of innovation.

Often, we experience the external environment of debate and conflict to change old ideas and generate new ideas. But this method does not enable us to fundamentally change. Horizontal thinking method allows us to gain insight and reorganization of the information obtained in a controlled manner in a controlled manner under the new ideas to change their old ideas, the original perception and way of doing things. From its own internal change, in order to achieve the true sense of the "change from the inside out."
Horizontal thinking is a set of creativity training tools that enable us to learn creative processes and methods for problem solving and problem solving, generate new values, and enhance the competitiveness of individuals and teams. For enterprises, the specific value of the performance in: to improve the organizational and individual innovation ability; to identify the problem, the definition of innovation and need to work direction; application of normative tools for creative thinking; harvest thinking results, in-depth development; for innovation To provide a platform and micro-culture; break through the routine, to change the habit of dealing with the original problem.
Innovation is no longer an old-fashioned brainstorm, nor is it an artist-inspired dash, but a new value that can be gained through systematic thinking and steps in horizontal thinking. "Horizontal thinking" allows us to jump out of the "thinking of the box" so that we think more colorful, more quality, so that "mind sailing!