Lateral Thinking Tools - Challenges

Wang Qiong: De Bono China's chief lecturer

In horizontal thinking, we always assume that even if the way to do things now is good, there is still a better way of doing things.

Challenges are a necessary part of any change process. In fact, if you remove the three letters (lle) in the middle of the challenge, you get a new word - change.
Many companies have been tied to the experience of the hands and feet. Yesterday 's successful experience is often a stumbling block to tomorrow' s success. Challenging thinking is to be able to "if it is not bad, do not need to repair it," this sentence, into "If it is not bad, then break it." Challenge can bring new thinking.
Here is an insurance company on the "claims process improvement" problem solving cases, to explain the challenges in thinking in the application.
First of all, we listed the company's existing claims process status and current customers need to provide information, including: counter to accept the report, submit an application, to produce medical invoices, insurance, identification, medical materials, proof of death, Proof of relationship, secondary audit, account information, final transfer appropriation.
Then, we all of the above processes to challenge one by one: from the counter to accept the counter and online automatic claims; submit an application and report the merger; to produce the system to automatically check the insurance policy; to produce identity cards, not to provide, and Public security direct network; field survey to the development of outsourcing surveyors; the last transfer to the site to advance payment of part of the reparations ... ...
After the above thinking process, to improve the process we explore the following new programs:
Simplification: Combine the application with the report. This can save the claimant's time, after the report to go to another place to find another person to fill out the application, you can also save the reception time;
Outsourcing: Outsourcing the on-site survey process to other agencies, such as public security or civil authorities. But also the relationship between the proof and the merger survey to simplify the operation process;
Prepaid: on-site pre-paid sector compensation. The previous procedure is to review, verify all the information is correct before the transfer of funds, and now have the basic judgments can pay the Department of indemnity. This not only simplifies the process but also attracts more customers.
The Challenge Tool The first step in thinking is to list what the existing situation is and then try to change and replace them.

Often, we experience the external environment of debate and conflict to change old ideas and generate new ideas. But this method does not enable us to fundamentally change. Horizontal thinking method allows us to gain insight and reorganization of the information obtained in a controlled manner in a controlled manner under the new ideas to change their old ideas, the original perception and way of doing things. From its own internal change, in order to achieve the true sense of the "change from the inside out."

Horizontal thinking is a set of creativity training tools that enable us to learn creative processes and methods for problem solving and problem solving, generate new values, and enhance the competitiveness of individuals and teams. For enterprises, the specific value of the performance in: to improve the organizational and individual innovation ability; to identify the problem, the definition of innovation and need to work direction; application of normative tools for creative thinking; harvest thinking results, in-depth development; for innovation To provide a platform and micro-culture; break through the routine, to change the habit of dealing with the original problem.
Innovation is no longer an old-fashioned brainstorm, nor is it an artist-inspired dash, but a new value that can be gained through systematic thinking and steps in horizontal thinking. "Horizontal thinking" allows us to jump out of the "thinking of the box" so that we think more colorful, more quality, so that "mind sailing!