Six Thinking Hats student Case Study

Dear Joanna,

Good teacher ~

I have the opportunity over the weekend on your Six Thinking Hats course, benefit, other words of praise temporarily refrain, I see the following as a practical application for reporting this wonderful teacher training.

Monday I go to work together with her husband when he was sullen frown, asked him why, he said, early in the morning to keep the quarrel was cross. I wonder, why do you want to fight. The original thing is this: He is a group of companies HR Manager, they group to develop a hotel project, to be completed from operations by a specialist in New Zealand as the Managing Director of this project management, and now the foreigners who want to hire a IT project manager, the sooner the better. But standing HR point of view, this hotel has not been completed and he invited the man, looks like there will be a lot of time wages have led inaction. But this MD quite stick in the mail communication between the wording has been quite severe, that the HR department Support is not ideal, so the two sides early this morning organized a Meeting "about aircraft."

After listening to me, he found the whole thing against the mood is heavy, and yet to hold a meeting, "Our aim is not to give him the man!" Point of view, his personal emotions hidden in the so-called logic after inference, he got into a dead end. And I have class on the weekend he had a rough turn training 6 cap, I think this is a good opportunity for me to a blue hat, to discuss this issue.

Blue Hat: How can we agree on IT project manager with the employment issue employment sector views.

Whitecaps: Known information: - 10 hotels by the end of next year completed;
- MD is a very senior industry experienced personnel, their only duty soon;
- MD please the IT entry interview is just like when the big boss said yes;
- Now the company's existing IT department is not sufficient to meet the IT needs of hotel management;
- If you now call the IT project manager, his first year of assessment is carried out and can not be set.
Unknown Information: - Other hotels industry practices (he himself admitted that he did not take into account, but it is important)
OPV: - time with recruiters to find someone to inquire about a similar project in general is what nodes
- Industry other HR Could you provide a little information

Red Hat: not recruit people mainly in Asia Pacific HRD to the task I have to perform, otherwise it can not account for.

Yellow Hat - now hiring IT project manager benefits:
- In the hotel industry, IT support for operational management role is essential, project managers able to participate in preliminary discussions on the project helpful
- IT project managers can understand the situation as soon as possible, into the state start their own business
- Get them now, even if do not do the hotel business, the company also can help IT departments to do some other projects
(Actually finished yellow hat, his antagonism has been basically calm, a new think people want to have something to MD so as to recruit such a person, he should understand that, rather than blame the business sector there were no management Sense)

Black Hat - now hiring IT project manager disadvantages:
- Difficult to control labor costs, has recently been in the headquarters of HR within the company that are not profitable project cost management, the recruitment is difficult approved
- KPI setting difficult, because there is no specific order to achieve something, it is difficult to set a target IT project manager on the fixed target
- Although this can help people attracted in the IT sector, but the existing IT departments are not short-handed

Green Hat - Based on the above two solutions:
In fact, it is to find a suitable time node, complete built-in time, place or device, for example, when the construction of the hotel buildings to recruit both the IT project manager employing department to meet these needs, but also to meet the labor cost control of HR.

Blue Hat - Action plan: 1) before the meeting to go to collect unknown information previously mentioned, the industry benchmark facie
2) when a meeting can be yellow and black two hat next to the MD explained, each is capable of understanding each other
3) in conjunction with a meeting of their own information and experience MD learned and choose a point in time a recruit people acceptable to both sides, and then go back and convince their respective owners.

Our entire discussion about 15 minutes, during which I as a blue cap interrupted several times to talk about his complaints have tear some other interference factors and other logic, we focus on this issue, the effect is significant, summarized as follows:
1. My husband's attitude is no longer blindly fight, especially after the finish Whitecaps unknown information and yellow hat, he suddenly realized XXXX information people mentioned in the message makes sense.
2. As a blue cap, I myself do not participate in this matter, I have no preference, focusing on the control of the whole thinking process node, and achieved good results.
3. As long as willing to think, there is always a way, the quarrel is one of the most ineffective means, nor what role, if such discussions down, at least "in the sale of no justice," Line Manager for HR and this requires long-term communication the personnel is very important.
4. Before the meeting, their best first with 6 caps pass through all the things that would help the Conference, calm their emotions, you make others feel the full sense of professionalism and business participation.

These are the Six Hats I use a little story to share with the teacher about, once again thank the teacher let us learn to "parallel thinking" this "non-attack Fraternity" a good tool, O (∩_∩) O ~