He, in our way of thinking to launch a revolution, the title of "Father of innovative thinking."

Thinking tools he invented the world wide use by organizations and individuals, "lateral thinking" has been income "Oxford English Dictionary."
He was in "Diego change", "de Bono China," the founder of the formerly cited - Edward de Bono (Edward de Bono, 1933 Nian 5 19 May) Mr.

Five years ago, I worked in Shanghai General Motors conducted earth-shaking change, we are promoting the rapid development of technology, the challenge is the increasingly fierce market competition, we must learn, innovation, breakthrough! De Bono China and we work together, the introduction of cross-sectoral and cross-functional innovation training, learning to use "lateral thinking" and "Six Thinking Hats" discussions and decisions, made dozens of large project proposals, more than two hundred and improvements innovative ideas, a hundred people benefited from training, training satisfaction exceeds 87%: students say: "breakthrough limitations, explore new ideas, cross-sectoral cross-functional communication, enhanced teamwork"
In 2011, de Bono Shanghai've had the privilege of witnessing the master style, the nearly ten days old gentleman still quick-witted, playful spirit, sitting on the podium, one of the most common projector, a pen to fill the gap Strip us swim in the ocean in innovative thinking.

In the meantime, Mr. Phil de Bono Chinese collaborators Liu Guojun and Ms. Joanna Wang Qiong chief instructor mentor to me inspiration and help:
Phil always spare no effort to promote innovation, and actively organize and plan learning and development platform for various companies, and took us to visit and exchange, like a guide, we open a road to the door to infinite possibilities.

Joanna de Bono is the chief trainer course. The first time we met, I was her enthusiastic and passionate style attracted, and she come in handy in class instance, to the point of review and analysis, humor and vivid inspiration and questions, so that all our students are He was impressed and attracted. I wrote "Diego change" in Jenny, we when Joanna classes and counseling appearance surfaced before, my mind naturally pop out "how crazy" in the name - Joanna was our inspiration comes from.

Over a year ago, when I was uneasy talking about "Diego change" the beginning of the idea, Phil and Joanna ignited me with wholehearted enthusiasm! Now, the students homework, Phil and Joanna also with so sure, thank you!

"Claire's real career growth and continue to improve itself, in addition to promoting the development of enterprises and TM, but also inspired countless young people and veterans like me the workplace!" - Liu Guojun Phil, de Bono China
"Our pursuit is to design and to explore a way forward in efforts to pave the way, the quality of thinking determine the future quality of life achievement in itself will ho way of scenery.!" - Qiong Joanna, de Bono Chinese six Thinking hats, Lateral Thinking Principal lecturer

Want to know more? Take a look at the book of Peter and Jenny now!
From P157-158 Chapter 11, "co-words" and "how crazy"
Jenny and I almost high forties look but has a pair of bright, friendly eyes. She smiled and said: "! Yes, Peter and I said, we welcome more exchanges during the break."
"Well! Thank you!" I fell in love with Jenny, seems to have known for many years a friend, "you first busy, we sat in the back of the classroom, to learn."
Courses start.
Jenny energetic onstage like a little sun: "The real value of the training company that I represent is not how much you give innovative solutions, but to help you train innovative thinking and innovative practice find themselves with the business the combined solution.
"Lateral thinking" and "Six Thinking Hats" author Mr. Edward de Bono, is a recognized authority in the field of creative thinking, he has medicine, psychology and philosophy doctorate and taught at the University of Oxford, University of London, University of Cambridge and Harvard University. But the real title of Mr. de Bono 'innovative thinking of the father' because he once the study of creative thinking on a scientific basis in history, and to promote lateral thinking tool for global enterprises, government , non-profit organizations and individuals widely used.
In order to better learn and acquire the harvest, I announce today three rules Lateral Thinking courses, please observe 'how crazy' rule, we look at how crazy!
They are: the idea is good. Each idea has value. We can not deny and attack any one person or one idea.
And more: the better idea, the more likely to break. I will ask you from 10, 20, step by step increments.
Crazy: the more crazy the better. To put down the burden, regardless of past success or failure; relax and play on the right; open mind, any ideas diverge. "

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