Six Thinking Hats Training Summary Report

March 2016 20-21 宁波特艾科 management at the Marriott Hotel, with "Six Thinking Hats" training. The training of a total of 23 Chinese and foreign management personnel to participate in, and invited de Bono's chief Certified Instructor Joanna Wang taught in English.
first day
Trainer Joanna wang theoretical background to do a simple introduction, he proposed a "SPA- learning fruit" theoretical training (S-study, P-practice, A-apply). Overall presentation two days of training to learn six colors Thinking Hats concrete meaning and content, and to exercise the case, let everyone know how to use. In addition, she emphasized the most important phase after you apply the training in work and life.

The first day, the teacher introduced the Six Thinking Hats origin, the concept of founder Dr. Edward de Bono, and Six Thinking Hats and discussed through lectures and group presentation on blue Thinking Hats, white Thinking Hats, Red Reflection hat, yellow Thinking hats, black Thinking hats, green Thinking hats and random input tools, full access to S (study) - learning phase.

Theory summarized as follows:
Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process.
Whitecaps find known and need to know.
Red Hat is to identify the feelings, hunches and intuition
Yellow Hat is to identify values and interests.
Black hat is singing a different tune, or determine why the failure.
Green Hat Focus creativity: the possibility of alternatives and new ideas.
Share the results of the panel discussion:

The next day Day Two
Training the next day, the teacher explains the green cap of lateral thinking and case discussions, emphasis is placed in the way of thinking with the Six Thinking Hats were group exercises, that is P (practice) - the practice phase, there is the theme : prepare a hat Reflection agenda, prepare the agenda for future use, personal real problem Thinking exercises, individual exercises written application, corporate meetings relating to discussions.

Afternoon, the teacher asked each group for creative learning results show, after passing training certificate issued.

Creative learning outcomes show:

Per Lokken final Group Human Resources Director and General Manager of Bernd Hauser 宁波特艾科 of this training gave a high evaluation, teacher thank you TMN management to bring a new way of thinking, as well as the Ministry of Human Resources and Administration organization and arrangement of this training. In addition, Mr. Per Lokken 2016 and 2017 annual management leadership training and hope to put forward demands.

Application stage
As for the practical application of using the Six Thinking Hats, we have now received some feedback manager, such as: departmental staff to explain the theory and application of Six Thinking Hats; using the Six Thinking Hats templates to write messages boss, weekly or monthly report; use six Thinking hats approach to meeting management, communication with the way of thinking learned with colleagues or family. All these applications have reached good results.
Here we're looking forward to Te Aike colleagues in the future be able to freely use the Six Thinking Hats thinking in work and life, improve the quality of thinking. As Dr. Six Thinking Hats founder Edward de Bono said: "The quality of thinking to decide the future of quality!"

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