The power of perception -- let there thinking ways, and they tend to

As the saying goes: "look before you leap, eight" think twice, stressing thinking, in action. Comprehensive thinking, better considering all possible before take any action and results, to ensure the effective action.

We are not short of thinking, or a mystery, however, or indecisive, because disorganized thinking, lack of effective thinking.

With faster and faster pace of society, in front of the problem is not much time for us to think, in sorting out its own problems, we can rely on instinct is the key to do the right thing, in the correct way of thinking, is more important.

DE bono, The Power of Perception ™ (PoP, The Power of Perception), provides The 10 kinds of simple thinking tools, to temper your awareness and allow you to in a more effective way, step by step to think, to foresee The result of choice and behavior.

We all know that "lost lady and fold" allusions, zhuge liang in the liu bei gave him three kits before he left, in times of crisis to help liu2 huang2 shu2 huaxianweiyi. The three kits is to analyze the conditions of dongwu of marriage in different periods, to formulate the action plan.

Instant: dongwu marriage to find out the false or true;

Short term: dongwu marriage all know this matter, help to really contribute to marriage;

Medium term: let the lady know the conspiracy behind the marriage, nip in the bud;

Marriage: for a long time to consolidate liu alliance.

ZhuGeLiangYou three kits, the power of perception ™ has ten

Such a development way of thinking, based on the time in the power of perception ™, we called C&S (out & Sequal, results and outcomes), C&S is widely used in evaluation, prediction, used to think a act, opportunity, decision or regulations may lead to the result. Think it's attention to the future, all can lead to the result of prediction, help the prescient decision.

We might as well keep the British off the topic, let's see how to use C&S:

Announced to take off the present: if Europe, will immediately what's the result? Such as the pound;

Announced to take off the week: if Europe, what will happen after a week the result? Such as all kinds of support/oppose to take off the activity;

Announced to take off the January: if the euro, what will happen after a month? Such as the various advantages and disadvantages of Europe began to emerge;

That take off the: six months if Europe, what will happen after half a year? Such as to reconsider whether the.

Yes, using C&S is beginning a timeline, to think, from happening to each time period in the future, may produce results. Based on these results, the potential risk assessment, develop preventive measures and solutions, which, in turn, to think about things itself again.

More thinking tools, welcome to Ken resistance to cosette and DE bono, China held the power of perception ™ copyright public class and experience the salon, the heart together.

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