Why the MBA is the first lesson the CBI (Creativity and Business Innovation)?

Why in the deep reform in China should be emphasized among the innovation?

Innovation is a minority of work?

How far is our distance innovation?

Is there a methodology innovation?

What are our innovative myth?

With these problems, we have the honor to invite to the DE bono, senior consultant in China and partner at Phil Mr Law, fudan Hong Kong IMBA programme for students in the wonderful speech. Unriddling for teachers also, Mr Law is more like a teacher, talk, it seems our doubts about innovation, encourage everyone to keep a curious and sensitive heart of innovation.

To the innovation of sickness - the bondage of thought patterns

Law teacher opening short, through the scene of the interaction, let everybody understand innovation is not only in the laboratory and in the brain, scientists to break the bondage of thought pattern of things is also the innovation of self. How to remove the water in the cup, adults often think of sucked out, physical property change, absorbing materials, and so on, but the children first think of magic. How surprised the difference!

Things are necessary to establish a causal relationship between human beings to seek the law of survival, we tried to use intuition or a fixed pattern to act to save energy, and to explain the natural phenomena, we confuse followed thinking inertia are naturally evolved into kill our innovative weapons! In the face of human evolution, the defects of what else can we do! Law, the teacher told us that I see road xi!

Break the thinking mode of bondage - first: level and innovation thinking method

What is thinking? Lateral thinking is about to break our conventional thinking habits, get solution from a different Angle, the so-called nothing down, nothing up. Innovation is the method, the interpretation is not a genius, but a person can learn skills.

How the level of thinking? Law teacher introduced the DE bono, creative thinking process, from the choice and definition, to generate ideas, then obtain and produce as a result, the spark of creation in the end. The level of each stage have tools to help us think.

Focus focus, help us to define the question for thinking direction, at the same time ensure that don't get rid of the thinking of the target.

Challenge (CutBecause the Alternative), is the key to produce ideas tools, allows us to get rid of the shackles of thinking mode, why don't ask, is there anything else, just like professor DE bono had why not square to guide the lotus car tire company staff's deep thinking.

Random input, the introduction of new radar and unrelated things into our thinking, often produces unexpected ideas, is a simple and interesting tool. Class, the Law, the teacher also gives the students thinking CARDS to inspire everyone's ideas.

Inspire movement, how to break the routine of thinking, the application does not seem logical ideas to create a novel idea. Is almost denied Suggestions will also find a positive value. Can let us learn to change attitude of viewing the situation from another perspective, thinking out of right and wrong.

Harvesting and processing evaluation, often after a series of horizontal thinking, team will harvest a lot of innovative ideas, this tool will help us idea classification, service for other projects after, to choose the idea of reprocessing, existing at the same time make it fall to the ground the executable.

Through the teaching which is a lot of real cases, Law teacher and his team coaching level of a large number of domestic enterprises to think, help the company out of thinking trap type, produce the huge economic and social benefits.

Two hours of communication with the Law teacher's speech went quickly, everybody wanting more, after the meeting and the problems in the real depth of communication with the teacher, the time in a hurry, hope to have the opportunity to listen to the teacher taught.

Thank Law teacher spite of being very busy toglance to preach industry solutions, also thanks to Paggie a sister organization and your participation.