Another copyright infringement case of six thinking hats was announced in Beijing

On August 29 morning, Beijing chaoyang district people's court of DE bono company v. Beijing datang credit enterprise management co., LTD., infringement case in court sentenced, sentenced to Beijing datang integrity management consulting company to immediately stop the infringement of DE bono company, in the training class journal publicly apologize, fines, and pay the DE bono company for prosecutions related fees.

Reason of the case:

On June 1, 2016, China mobile research institute released the "China mobile research institute 2016-2018 training project comparison notice", which conducted comparative procurement of 24 training courses, including the copyright course "six thinking hats" by DE bono. Several training companies then participated in the bidding. On June 15, China mobile announced the winning bid unit, datang integrity company in the "six thinking hats from management thinking to concrete behavior" project won the bid. In response to the infringement, DE bono's legal department immediately sent a lawyer's letter to China mobile research institute and datang integrity co., LTD. Since datang integrity co., ltd. did not take the incident seriously, DE bono inc. filed a lawsuit in Beijing chaoyang district people's court in the second half of 2017.


Since 1985, when Dr. Edward DE bono designed and developed the six thinking hats course, it has been popularized around the world. From school students to multinational executives, they are learning and using. Six thinking hats are very practical and systematic thinking tools, and DE bono has the exclusive right to use its trademark.

In this regard, the Chinese institute of DE bono reminds the personnel in charge of corporate training to pay attention to the copyright of the training courses when purchasing the courses, understand the source of the training courses and require the course provider to show relevant intellectual property certificates or authorization materials, so as to avoid legal risks caused by third-party infringement.

At the same time, please also remind relevant training institutions to avoid using unauthorised lecturers to teach, to avoid lawsuits to the company's business and reputation caused serious impact.

In mainland China, DE bono thinking training course in the business enterprise all the training programs for operations "boehner universal management consultants (Beijing) co., LTD." is responsible for, any other unauthorized units may not sell DE bono of the "six thinking cap", "lateral thinking", "the power of perception", "simplified", "six brand value" and "conference focusing on guide".