de Bono (China) the first batch of CoRT.1 campus lecturer certification training successfully conclu

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In order to promote the De Bono training course extensively on campus, we are actively contributing to our education. De Bono China has launched a team of lecturers with public service nature to allow more people to participate in campus promotion, so that more students and educators Benefit. Activities only one day to receive nearly 100 teachers across the country to apply for registration, voluntarily joined the De Bono lecturers, involved in the De Bono institutions in large, medium and primary school campus promotion, preaching and the corresponding service work. After the rigorous screening of the project team, the final more than 40 teachers through the audit to participate in the training instructor certification training. After two days of closed training, ladies and gentlemen have said that the harvest is full.
At the beginning of the training, Mr. Roy Zhaoyu, President of De Bono (China), spoke in his speech. He said that Chinese children are highly educated and are often outstanding in all kinds of knowledge examinations, but the thinking and creativity of Chinese children are unsatisfactory , The major, middle and small schools have not set up for the training of children thinking ability course, De Bono Chinese institutions will promote thinking courses into the campus, improve the ability of Chinese children thinking, cultivate a comprehensive development of the new generation.

And then co-director of the CoRT campus lecturer, Tony Guo, who introduced the thinking instructor certification program and future planning

And then by the De Bono CoRT certification instructor Snow Zhou Xuefei for everyone to bring CoRT1 (insight) formal training

Deanuo CoRT certification instructor Robin Wu Yabin on China's education status quo and examination reform, education and teaching objectives, thinking and learning science in detail, and CoRT thinking courses in the school to carry out and the application of the effect of a wonderful share.

The more people are working harder

Those who participated in this certification are from the major enterprises and schools of the elite, hoping to learn De Bono thinking courses to improve their thinking and help to more people.

Change perhaps because of a person

Edward De Bono Since the late 1960s found the "level of thinking", the early 70s founded the world's largest and most systematic thinking training courses - Colt tutorial, the course is a simple, practical , Interesting thinking tools and thinking scenes to help children for different problems, learn to use different thinking tools to analyze and solve. In 1972, Edward founded the Cognite Research Trust in Cambridge, which became the origin of the name of the Colt Tutorial (CoRT).
De Bono Colt thought to break the traditional teaching of knowledge-based educational stance. "If you know, it's easy to do it - this idea is not correct." This is the key element of Colt. Colt focuses on "practical" - operability, is the application of the system rather than knowledge-based disciplines (such as history, geography and other disciplines).
In practice, the Colt Tutorial has been used for small to four-year-olds, large senior executives for large multinational companies in the world, and even Nobel Prize winners. It is also used for pupils or adults (such as thinking schools in New York). From genius to schools that receive only IQs above 140, to the UK's ESN (Low Energy Education) school, where IQ ranges from 75 to 80. Use its territory throughout the Venezuelan countryside, London, Sydney, Toronto, and other countries like Nigeria.
In 1976, a Colt study was conducted at a Defense Middle School in the UK. According to Colt training, 58% of people were higher than their usual test scores, 87.5% were higher than their usual reading scores, and 63.5% were identified thinking more than their actual age.
In 1978, Deboro's Colt thinking course began in Venezuela's national primary school students in grades 4-6, and trained 42,000 teachers. And later attracted the attention of North American countries, after the United States ASCD (Curriculum Development Supervisory Association) meeting adopted a comprehensive promotion of thinking teaching, and later in the global school outside the development of the enormous impact, confirmed its true value.
Colt Course Overview:
The Colt (CoRT) course provides a complete curriculum for school thinking education. CoRT is divided into six parts, covering six different aspects of thinking (1, insight, 2, leadership, 3, persuasion, 4, creativity, 5, perception, 6, action). The advantage of the course is that it is practical and the things that are learned in the classroom will have a long-term impact on the growth and development of students. The CoRT tutorial is currently the most widely used curriculum in the world. Let us use better thinking to create a better world.
I have an agreement with De Bono

De Bono China has established a rigorous screening system in order to ensure the effectiveness of each participant in the training of trainees. Each participant can only pass the lecturer's qualification and obtain a certificate of authorization through the rigor of De Bono lecturers. After obtaining the certification status, De Bono China agency for the applicant to issue a two-year thinking lecturer qualification certificate, and the list of applicants published in De Bono Chinese institutions on the official website ( as a lecturer Of the public and effective proof. At the same time, the two sides signed a De Bono Speaking Instructor Certification Training Agreement on copyright issues. It is strictly forbidden to impart the course to enterprises and other profitable organizations. It is forbidden to organize and organize any training activities outside the school.
The end means new beginnings

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The first time De Bono CoRT thinking instructor certification training successfully concluded, to participate in this training students also after De Bono lecturers assessment before they can get the certification certificate. De Bono Chinese institutions will also continue to carry out lecturer certification training, flowers in full bloom, butterflies since flying, with more educators to join, De Bono campus project will shine!