de Bono (China) to join hands to develop mobile Internet and online education

On the afternoon of January 18, 2010, Mr. Zhao Ruyi, CEO of De Bono (China) and Mr. Lan Tian, Vice President of Net Long Network Company (hereinafter referred to as Netlong) signed a strategic cooperation in Fujian Haixi (Netlong) Agreement, while De Bono (China) CMO Lu Xiang, education project leader Guo Yijun and Net Dragon Alumni Division core members also participate in this signing ceremony, the two sides to build a campus partner team, expand the institutions of the thousands of institutions "Partner Program" in-depth exchanges and agreement, which will be De Bono (China) into the university market strategic plan to take a big step.

Mr. Zhao Ruyi (left), CEO of De Bono (China) and Mr. Lan Tian (right), Vice President of Net Long signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Hand in hand, to enter the mobile Internet

Net Dragon is China's online games, mobile Internet application industry leader, but also China's online education, enterprise information industry's leading force, the network of economic indicators are among the forefront of the domestic industry, the network is the focus of national planning layout Software enterprises, the national cultural industry demonstration base, the national cultural export key enterprises, has been selected "Forbes" Chinese version of "China's potential enterprises" hundred list of third, and spending huge sums of money has acquired Hong Kong technology enterprises Chuangqi, Timius, the British Chi sound technology, to strengthen their own in the education of hardware and software strength. (China) will have exclusive customization of the official APP, De Bono courses for the training of users, social enthusiasts and other groups, in the rapid access to the mobile Internet at the same time, but also to the moment the most Popular Internet + form to enter the global market, De Bono (China) is bound to a higher level in the future.

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Mr. Deutano (China) CMO Mr. Lu Xiang at the signing ceremony to explain

Hand in hand, college resources sharing

Netang adhering to the "Internet + education" era mission and innovative ideas, integration of global quality education resources, focus on teaching system upgrades and transformation, is committed to the Internet technology to explore the origin of education and future trends. Netcom in the Internet education has focused on the deployment of the K12 wisdom education, alumni, multi-learn corporate training Internet platform, public welfare college, educational interaction technology Prometheus and online education voice technology Chi Chi, covering the world's primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities By. De Bono (China) plans to enter the Chinese university market in 2017, is expected to be through the campus preaching, thinking elective courses, thinking club, De Bono scholarships for college students to provide De Bono (China) University thinking project services, After the dragon, will be with his alumni series of products on campus partner project, complementary products, joint into the school, to achieve win-win situation.

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Mr. Guo Yijun, head of the university project at De Bono (China), explained at the signing ceremony

Join the net dragon, college resources realized

At the signing ceremony, Lan Long, vice president of the blue dragon proposed to "team partner team" as the starting point, to build the global alumni Internet ecosystem of the 2017 annual strategic plan. Different from the traditional college "student part-time" mode of operation, the campus partner project plan combined with the country to promote the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" concept, will give college students more entrepreneurial opportunities, this model can not only better play college students (China) in China has accumulated 14 years of school resources, the realization of resources, more conducive to De Bono (China) University in the future rapid expansion of university and university resources The further realization of the.

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De Bono (China) and Net Long strategic cooperation signing ceremony