de Bono Chinese institutions clenched legal weapons, maintenance

The world's leading focus on the training organization "De Bono" company in China began to maintain its intellectual property rights and proprietary training brand, an illegal certification lecturer's infringement, has been to Guangzhou Yuexiu District People's Court proceedings. There are still a few training institutions and individuals are mercenary, ignoring the national law, illegal sales related to De Bono's copyright course "six thinking hat", "horizontal thinking" and some of the copyright content, not only violated the legitimate rights and interests of De Bono , And deceive the majority of corporate customers, resulting in a very bad social impact.

Recently, De Bono Chinese institutions have been on the network to expose the illegal information to conduct a comprehensive collection, and more than a dozen training information website infringement information and Tanmou, Zhang, Dumou, Zengmou more than a dozen suspected infringing teaching Of the lecturers for evidence preservation.

It is understood that the "six thinking hat", "level of thinking" and other De Bono proprietary copyright courses in the training industry and the major enterprises in the household. Through the study of De Bono's training course, the efficiency of the company's staff can be greatly improved. Enterprises to introduce such courses to strengthen the team's ability to communicate and gather the wisdom of gathering the team to improve the organization's creative and creative ability, with high-end, creative thinking methods to enable employees to maintain the work of efficient and innovative.

De Bono series of thinking training courses in the field of business management agency is De Bono thinking system (referred to as dBTS, the company was founded in 1991 in the United States), in 2002 to enter China, in November 2003 by the Chinese region only authorized branch Beijing De Bono Management Consulting Limited to manage. 10 years, De Bono Chinese team with the majority of enterprises to provide "fundamental, practical, innovative" professional thinking training consulting services, by the world's top 500 enterprises and domestic innovative enterprise customers praise, therefore, De Bono China Institutions won the "human capital management" - "Greater China best training institutions", "China Talent Development Forum" - "outstanding talent service providers" and other awards.

According to the industry and De Bono certified lecturers reflect, De Bono copyright course in the training process to use the formal global unified copyright textbooks, and send a dedicated certified instructor to teach, to provide standardized services. De Bono is the training of thinking skills, and piracy courses can not provide formal teaching materials, but also can not give students the correct way to learn, and pirated lecturers to teach most of the knowledge is misleading, resulting in some unidentified business customers deceived The The person in charge of the procurement training course in the enterprise should pay attention to avoiding the legal risks and negative value guidance of the piracy course, which will affect the positive values of the employees, because piracy is a kind of theft.

In a sense, respecting the fruits of others is as important as protecting the value of their own innovations. Only the protection of intellectual property rights, so that the fruits of labor in order to stimulate the development of the whole society. We should take legal weapons to safeguard their own and the interests of enterprises, we call on the broad masses of enterprises firmly support the fight against piracy. At the same time, we also advise some reported to chances of illegal organizations and individuals, to give full attention to the law, and constantly enhance their own brand and image, not a momentary interests and affect the future life-long development, the establishment of personal and corporate credit files, Long-term development.

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