The first de Bono innovative thinking scholarship award and innovative thinking lecture

Beijing de Bono Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is de Bono thinking system in the Chinese mainland's only authorized branch. Based on practical, simple and innovative thinking tools, Dr. Edward de Bono provides professional training and consulting services to enterprises and social groups in the areas of organizational change, process optimization, leadership decision making, independent innovation and problem solving.

December 8, 2016, de Bono in the School of Applied Arts and Sciences held the first de Bono innovative thinking scholarship award ceremony, reward outstanding law students, while offering a creative thinking lecture. Prof. Zhang Baoxiu, President of de Bono, Prof. Wang Ping, Director of Law Department, Prof. Chang Min, and Lecturers of Cafeteria, are all full of guests. The lectures have not been filled before the lecture.

First, the first de Bono innovative thinking scholarship award ceremony, the scholarship a total of 27 students award. Prof. Zhang Baoxiu presented the de Bono Innovative Scholarship to the 10 winners of the contest, including Zhao Youmeng, Liu Jingyi and Huang Lingsi, who participated in the intellectual property debate and the Beijing Moot Court Competition. They also thank de Bono for their support for scientific thinking. Promote and put forward the school and enterprise win-win vision. de Bono company Zhao Ruyi president also for the de Bono publicity made outstanding contributions to the 11 students award. Prof. Wang Ping presented the de Bono Innovative Scholarship for six outstanding undergraduates, including Li Hui-mei, Xu Ling-ling and Li Qing-run. After de Bono's marketing director Lu Xiang tells the story of talent and innovative thinking of the integration and role.

Subsequently, the official began de Bono thinking training seminars. Speaker Zhou Xuefei (six thinking cap, the level of thinking, Colt curriculum certification instructor) doing the first to us to start on the innovative thinking of the explanation. He gives us a vivid example of the characteristics of the thinking mode of thinking, and use examples to make us aware of starting from the heart, from the perspective of others to think, will change from excellent to excellent. The scene taught us a few practical thinking tools. OPV (other people's view) From 1 to 2, simply put all the things with all the people listed, and then to think about what each person's point of view, to do with other people's thinking to think. Creative design, breaking the known conditions, the application of creative thinking, in order to achieve as much as possible to eliminate thinking blind spots. RAD, identify, when you need creativity, you need to do to collect information to break or even completely overthrow previous knowledge.

Professor Zhou Ping, the head of the law department, briefed us on the five warm lectures held by de Bono in the past year and the deep gratitude and best wishes from the legal department.

After that, our regular mother, Professor Chang Min of Law Department and de Bono's excellent lecturer told us how to use six thinking cap. It is a simple and mysterious mode of thinking that brings us information and information, speaks out feelings and intuitions, develops optimism and proactivity, balances logic and judgment, presents innovation and risk, and maintains systems and controls. Let us learn the "six thinking cap" in personal use can be thinking for the establishment of a train of thought, and to provide a more structured conversation restraint; in the meeting can speed up the use of thinking speed and efficiency; in the conversation can be used To ensure the efficiency of communication, etc., thinking in life as long as the application properly, there will be income, will really let us feel that "thinking is the most fundamental human resources, we are dissatisfied with the status quo, no matter how good we have, Better "this sentence of infinite charm.

Finally, by Guo Yijun lecturer gave us an analysis of the competitiveness of position thinking. He suggested that everyone has their own inherent mode of thinking, but how to integrate thinking is the key, which led to our thinking. And he shows in a small example of life that when we take things for granted, we lose the ability to think independently; when we think it's normal we start to resist change, which allows us to learn the ways of thinking To our invisible criminal detention. Taught us the meaning of thinking tools to bring is: we are not thinking in the streaking, we are using tools.

Three lecturers after the end of the speech, with the teachers and students at the scene a very warm and sincere interaction, the students enthusiastically ask questions, the lecturers witty and patient to answer. In the warm applause of the students, the seminar ended successfully. The value of this lecture for everyone is not much more fly to participate, but the real lead us to a new world of thinking, which is waiting for us not only to break, but also to create. This is a very valuable lecture.

At the same time, we would like de Bono thinking wing led the General Assembly to the broader law of the sky, the Department of Law also let de Bono thinking door to more people love to open!

Contributions: Tian Bo

Reviewer: Zhou Yue

Editor: Yu Wenjian

Source: WeChat Public No. BUU Method Master