deBono marriage legislation education, training for children thinking Tim help!

October 28, 2016, de Bono (China) Education Senior Lecturer Zhou Xuefei teacher for hundreds of excellent teachers to share de Bono thinking tools.

In this case,

Zhou Xuefei teacher, for six thinking hat thinking of the origin, definition, development process made a detailed introduction. Zhou teachers in order to allow teachers to more thoroughly understand the six thinking hat thinking, cited his teaching process of the case and his solution, and on the spot to test the thinking of the six thinking hat thinking, let The teachers were eye-opening.

Zhou Xuefei teacher quoted Dr. de Bono's famous saying, "the quality of thinking, determine the quality of the future." He has accumulated rich experience in thinking training for primary and middle school students. Has a unique understanding of de Bono's value from school education to business training, demonstrating the energy generated by De Bono's training tools.

In the event site, there are teachers who dare to let go, give full play to the initiative of students. Not only to explore the ancient and modern essay, and clever in the lead, so that learning methods through the continuation. The teacher's theme is to explore the introduction of Debono six thinking cap, the use of parallel thinking, so that thinking in the language class flying, so that white hat and Red Hat in the language class fly.

By allowing students to learn and master the way of thinking of the six thinking cap, Zhou specifically cite a few applications of six thinking cap campus cases, from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult to help students master the learning skills from different dimensions . So that students think better and solve the problem.

The most exciting moment, Li Junjie, president of Lee on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Education Technology Co., Ltd. Li Yan and Beijing DS Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Zhao Ruyi Zhao Zhao attended the six thinking cap thinking in the theme of exploring the use of cooperation in the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhao is looking forward to the future cooperation and development.

In the promotion of the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, education and de Bono strong marriage, promote "school theme reading" project in school development. To enhance the creative thinking of young people Come on!

de Bono (China) want to give their education in China some of the modest, so that more children learn to think independently, so that more teachers and parents learn how to guide children to better think about and solve problems.