de Bono China into the primary language reading group

July 30, at the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Educational Science Research Group, de Bono (China), a senior lecturer of Education Zhou Xue Fei Chinese reading literacy teachers attended workshops eighth grade school in Shijiazhuang fifty-four Middle School held.

Zhou Xue Fei teacher scene with more than 200 primary school teachers and education experts to share de Bono CoRT Thinking some of the tools and the Six Thinking Hats, creative thinking, and include students, parents, teachers, learning occurs in the method de Bono thinking It changed a lot of cases, vividly resolve the great value and significance de Bono thinking system in the field of education.

After two hours of talks, the participants felt the profound thinking can be changed, can be trained thinking, thinking with a good working and living, communication, change their thinking, looking for a better method of education.

Theme Reading group Liyan from Shenzhen Institute of Education organized in the country has nearly 10 years of development, the country has developed more than two thousand experimental school. They go on the road dedicated to education reform, learning to share, and grow together with the school to become the school's growing community for teachers to build a platform.

de Bono (China) plans to hold a hundred tour Public speaking engagements across the country, hope for China's education gave some of their modest means, so that more children learn to think independently, so that more teachers and parents learn how to guide children think better and solve problems.

If the unit intends to organize large speaking engagements, please contact de Bono Education Project group.